The claim is the moment where the promise of the premium is kept or broken.
  • ClaimsHUB

    Prodatex develops IT solutions, and provides shared services and consulting for the insurance companies and the damage industry.

    Prodatex develops and manages solutions for outsourced damage processing, solutions for damage calculation, calendar and route planning for internal experts, and offers consulting in these domains.
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  • Innovation and automation

    Prodatex offers innovative solutions from which companies  benefit in the short, medium or long term. Automating standard processes is the means to make a company more competitive against the competitors. Prodatex solutions help to make it happen.
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  • LASS

    Prodatex Loss Assessment Software Solution (LASS), based upon the ClaimsHUB,  is the software module for Loss Adjuster agencies and internal Loss Adjusters.
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Prodatex is a company offering a central collaborative claims management platform  to the insurance industry and its business partners, allowing all parties involved in the claims management process to exchange information in a secure and structured way.

Prodatex offers solutions for the insurance industry on the following business lines:
• ClaimsHUB, a claims management and dispatching platform
• Loss Adjuster Software Solution
• Software Development Projects

Prodatex targets the insurance industry, more specifically the non-life insurance companies, the claims management companies and the loss adjustors related to non-life claims management.

"Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity"

Michael Porter

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